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I live with my beautiful wife Abbey and our son Isaac! We reside in the NKY and are enjoying everyday. I am a CRM Associate Marketing Manager for Luxottica focusing on the eDM and DM pieces for LensCrafters and Sunglass Hut!

Do your best and forget the rest…

Sorry to everyone who was anxiously waiting by their computer yesterday to read my blog; I know it’s so many of you!  I was supposed to go to the UK game, but my father-in-law ended up not being able to go and apparently I’m such a loser that I have no one else that wanted to go with me…well no one that was in town anyway.  Needless to say I didn’t quite start the diet yesterday which was good because I went grocery shopping last night and what did Kroger just put out on the sales floor…

Just a little slice of $.69 cent heaven!

For those of you that are trying to do P90X with both the workout and the diet I suggest the portion diet because the other one is just way too much food.  The problem I have is that I’m a level 3 because of my size, but when I eat I’m between level 1 and 2.  I probably don’t get enough, but what I’m eating is supplying me with A LOT of food – just not a ton of calories.  Kroger has Morning Star products for 2 for $6 so I bought 2 packs of spicy black bean burgers, 2 packs of the maple sausage patties, and 2 packs of the pizza burgers.  These provide quick and easy breakfasts and lunches. 

I know I mentioned it last year, but The Daily Plate is still a strong supporter for me since I can track everything I’m eating.  This year I’m going to post my weekly intakes with graphs and such from the daily plate so those of you who are interested can compare (if you’re doing the same).

Tonight was the first workout – Chest and Back.  I’m actually surprised how quickly the time passed – last year an hour seemed like eternity the first week, but tonight it felt like seconds.  I must be pushing myself a little harder because I thought for sure my stuffed pepper was going to come up after the workout.  I even skipped a few things because, I’m sorry, I just can’t do diamond push-ups or dive bombers!  The damn decline push-ups got me again because I don’t really have anything solid to prop my feet on that won’t slide all over the place.  No excuses…I’ll figure something out.  No dumbells yet so I was forced to use bands, but I actually felt like I really got a good workout from the bands…again I’m not sure if I’m pushing myself a little harder or what.  After chest and back Tony wanted me to do Ab Ripper 339 (as he likes to call it) – I got about 3 minutes in and there was NO WAY that was happening tonight.  I did my best and I’m trying to forget the rest…you do the same!

On a side note – Abbey and I saw The Fighter last week.  It was a pretty good movie based on a true story about boxing brothers from Boston.  Abbey mentioned this to me and I have to agree – so many cool movies are set in Boston…The Fighter, The Town, The Departed, Gone Baby Gone…must be something about the accent that makes them hardcore!  During the previews before the movie one of the movies said “limited 2D release” and the “older” woman behind me said, “oh 2D, I wonder what that looks like!”  It’s one of those moments where you hit the rewind button in your mind over and over again because you don’t believe what you just heard…it became the joke of the night.

While on the subject of movies…do you still rent movies?  If so, are you using Redbox?  If not, WTF MATE?!  Whether you like to use Redbox or not, sign up for their mobile alerts and you’ll get about one free rental a month.  It’s usually only good for a Tuesday or something random, but it’s a free movie if you have time. 

The posts will get better, I promise – I want more interaction this year…more comments…questions…suggestions.  Last year I had John that was tracking his progress with me and this year I have Marty – so Marty get some before pictures and measurements!

Until tomorrow…



2011…here we come

2010 was a good year and to quote my wife, Abbey, “the fastest year I’ve ever experienced!”  In 2010 I saw my son, Isaac, take his first steps; I watched him develop into a little person who now punishes himself (the other day he was disobeying Abbey, she asked him if he needed to go in the corner and he took her hand and led her to the wall); I saw the resurgence of my DJ company and the continued growth already beginning for 2011; I saw many things that made me appreciate my wife even more and definitely assure me why I fell in love with her in the first place; I saw one too many episodes of 90210 (yes, the old one) and not enough episodes of Castle; I got hooked on more reality shows (Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, and more); I saw some disappointing job denials that all led to me finally getting a dream job with Luxottica; I saw myself run a 10k in under an hour; I saw myself lose nearly 30 pounds and 5 inches off my waist…I saw myself gain almost 10 of those pounds back.  It’s time to start regulating the intake and exercising the body – welcome to P90Xcetera!

For those of you who are new to this blog you can catch up on last years or start fresh with a new perspective.  You can choose to join me in the weight loss adventure or just cheer me on!  I had a goal last year of 205lbs, but I fell short by about 12lbs.  I still considered a success, especially after Abbey pointed out how differently my face looked two photos(before and after).

I had last my dimple when I had a bigger face!

This year my goal is again 205lbs which means I have 90 days (starting Monday 1/3) to drop about 20lbs.  I feel like I’m getting a running start because I’m able to learn from my mistakes last year – starting with the 10 egg omelet the first day was an awful idea!  As I got a couple weeks into my P90Xperience I feel like I perfected the diet and now I’ll start with that same knowledge.

I don’t know that I’m ready, or looking forward, to hanging out with D-Bag Tony for all the workouts but I’ll make the most of it while stirring my soup.  I’ve added dumbbells to my workout instead of using the bands so I think that’s going to really help the definition in my arms.  I’m actually going to do the pre-workout tests and take all the proper measurements and pictures so I have a TRUE base to go off of.  I’m going to REALLY try and post everyday because in some ways it’s what keeps me motivated.

 My goals:

  1. Drop to 205lbs
  2. Drop to a 32 or 34 waist (in all pants, not just some)
  3. Run either the Derby Mini Marathon or the Flying Pig Half Marathon – depends on one person in Louisville
  4. Keep the weight off and continue some sort of workout after the marathons
  5. Inspire one person

amateur night…will toy come support me? I think I have some good srudf and plying only need five minutes of material…good night world…Isaac please sleep

thru the night

class after class after class…oh well…MBA means big bucks…right? I am thinking about doing some stand up at funnybone the next time they have open mix or

What a Monday…started out hectic continued to stay crazy at work and slowed down a little bit at home…class starts tomorrow…no summer break for me…just

Day 73…

So…here’s what I don’t understand…how is it that blogging can be so much harder than working out or eating right?!  It seems like I got into a routine with the eating and it has pretty much become second nature…working out has become something I just do…but after 30 straight days of writing a blog something in me said “F that shit…it’s too hard!”  Really?  Too hard?!  Man I have problems.  Well, I have problems besides the blogging…the eating and working out.  Kind of ironic that I wanted to start my blog this way since tonight I chose to not work out and just write my blog – beginning my workout at 11pm doesn’t really help matters, but something about sitting on the couch with Abbey and just chillaxin for an evening is SOOO much better than sweating my B’s off in the office! 

Last week I got down to 220 and it was a really good feeling.  Oh yeah, by the way…Abbey and I decided that my official starting weight was 245 because everyday that I weighed myself before I started the P90Xperience I was 245 or 246…at one point, as Abbey kindly reminded me last week, I got up right around 250 and that was the point where I said …whoa!  So, with that in mind I have lost as much as 25 pounds so far….YEAH!  I’ve been a lot less strict about what I’m eating, but still (I think) staying in control.  I’ve had a few “binge” nights here and there, but that’s the real world.  I’m going to eat shit some days and others I’ll eat damn healthy – what I haven’t been good about lately is realizing that if I’m going to eat shit…I need to work out! 

Today, a coworker was talking to me about The Biggest Loser.  She said, “I really think that show needs to be on everyday because how can you NOT workout when you watch it?!”  I said, “Pretty easily..actually while Abbey and I were watching it last night we polished off about half a pan of rice crispy treats.”  Let me just tell you…these were some damn good rice crispy treats.  Like take the best rice crispy treats you’ve ever had…smoke a pound of weed…then smoke one more pound and that’s what these tasted like.  *I’m just assuming that would make them taste REALLY good…you know munchies and all…I’ll ask my neighbor next time – it’s probably what he smokes during his lunch break 🙂  Point is this…I told myself…I’m good, we went on a 3mile walk today AND I’m going to do Plyometrics tonight so I’ll really sweat.  Abbey and I caught up on the DVR shows and working out desire went away. 

I DID wake up early and do 20 minutes of Interval X + which is a great workout; but it’s REALLY good in it’s entirety.  It’s really hard to wake up early and workout…especially doing a workout like Interval!  When I got home from work we went for a walk (about 1.5 miles); we cut it short since Abbey had already been on two 3+ mile walks today.  When we got home from that I grabbed the mp3 player, stretched and went for my run.  2 weeks ago I decided that I was going to run the Toyota 10K on Flying Pig Weekend.  A friend of mine gave me a small training schedule which I am loosely following, but my goal is to get up to a 6.2 mile run before the day of the event AND to complete it in less than 45 minutes.  Sunday was my first run…I ran almost exactly 1 mile – and I was pretty winded.  I also did it in just under 10 minutes.  On my run today I wanted to go further…so I did!  I ran to the Remke on Dixie Hwy…through their parking lot and back to my house – a total of 1.79 miles!  Almost an entire extra mile than I did on Sunday…that’s AWESOME!  The best news…I did it in 15 minutes which means that I’m averaging an 8.3 minute mile!  I may have found the beginning of my running mix too…First song – Bedrock “call me Mr. Flintstone, I can make your bedrock girrrrllll”….Second song – blah Blah Blah “people they talkin like blah blah blah”….I shuffled around found something I had never heard then struggled till I got to my Third song – Rude Boy “come here rude boy boy are you big enough, come here rude boy boy can you give it up” – good stuff. 

Running is so mental…if I can’t hear myself huffing and puffing like Cheech and Chong I don’t realize that I’m out of breath!  If there is music going I block out other noises and tend to think about the songs and anything else BUT the fact that I shouldn’t be able to run 2 miles!  Once I got home I came inside to check my time then went right back outside…the look on my face, Abbey probably thought that I was going to go out and puke…but I just didn’t want to drip too much sweat inside and it was really hot compared to outside.  Needless to say, to quote Michael from the biggest loser, “I was sweating like Tiger Woods in divorce court!”

When I look at pictures from Day 1 compared to this week…it’s a pretty big difference, but still some room for improvement.  My sister and my wife tend to think that I don’t need to lose anymore weight because I’ll lose it in my face and then I’ll look sick, but I disagree.  I have less than 20 days left of my P90Xperience (I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT) and I’m going to try and push as hard as I can to get to my “new” goal weight of 215.  To say that I lost 30 pounds in 90 days without a trainer or gym membership is something that I can definitely be proud of.  I still think 200 – 205 is where I should be and maybe I’ll get there someday, but we’ll see how it works out for me.  People have been asking me…”What are you going to do after it’s all done?”  Well – I’m probably going to eat 7,000 lbs of Chipotle, get a been burrito from Taco Bell and eat some damn french fries!  I haven’t had Chipotle in WAYYY too long and I don’t even know if my drive-in girl still works at TB since I haven’t been in 2010.  Maybe she saw my blog or facebook and got her teeth fixed!

What I’m really going to do is continue what I’m doing now.  I wanted to check out the Insanity videos so I’m sure I’ll do that, but my eating habits have changed.  Even if I have a “bad” night/day here or there – it’s not going to kill me; I just can’t have them EVERY DAY!  For the last 20 days I need to focus on the workouts and really push myself to cross that 220 barrier…I know I can – it’s just a matter of doing! 

I’m sure you just can’t wait to see them so here are my most recent pics compared to week 1…

The six pack wants to come out for the first time in it’s 28 year life.  Always diminished by the 12-pack…then the case…then the Keg!  Don’t know that it will happen, but all I can do is try 🙂
Until next time…P90Xcuuuuuuuuuuse me!