Days 21-23 – Picture Pages…

Second week of class (last week) we were assigned a group project due this week!  Granted we each only had to write a page, but still!  The reading, writing and structuring of it all combined with watching TV and working out really got in the way of my blogging…LOL! 

I’ve decided that no one really cares to know what I ate unless it’s something out of the ordinary – I eat a lot of the same stuff with some minor changes.  Hmmm…this is going to make my posts a lot shorter!  Wow, Sunday was so long ago…I can barely remember it.  I know I watched the first half of the Colts game and was pretty surprised by they Jets’ performance.  I made some porkchops to have for lunch throughout the week and WOW!  There is a recipe in the P90X nutrition guide called Island Pork Tenderloin…I used chops and it worked just fine!  So the rub consisted of cinnamon, white pepper, seasoning salt, cumin seed and cayenne pepper.  I seared each chop in a little oil on the stove then put them all on a roasting pan.  The glaze on top was brown sugar, tabasco sauce and garlic cloves.  Talk about a flavor explosion!  When I took them out of the oven I wanted to eat all of them right away…instead I put them in their proper containers and threw them in the fridge to eat for lunch.

Abbey and I had to do Legs and Back on Sunday since we had messed up the schedule so we went for it.  I was really proud of myself when we had to do the wall squats.  Last week I struggled, to say the least, at sitting for 15 seconds against the wall.  We both fought through the time going from 90 degrees to 45 degrees and after the last 90 we both shot up like someone had lit a bottle rocket that we were holding in our butt cheeks (I don’t make this stuff up folks…  The new bands worked great – I highly recommend them if you want to work out.  A set of three different tension bands with handles for $20 from Target. 

Monday morning came very quickly – especially since Isaac didn’t really want to sleep through the whole night!  I didn’t do the last minute of the cool down on Sunday night and WOW did I feel that in the morning.  Although they aren’t that hard, calf raises really work your calves and if you don’t stretch them out afterward…watch out!  I felt like someone had been using my calves as punching bags while I was sleeping (or not sleeping).  I’ve never really been someone that has needed a lot of sleep, but I think all this exercising is really helping me and giving me more energy throughout the day.  I feel like I don’t really hit the walls that I used to hit – and I’m not using 5 hour energy! 

Time for my mini-soapbox…Females, sorry you probably won’t be able to relate unless you are in the stall next to Amazon Woman.  Let me paint the picture for you…In men’s bathrooms, sometimes there are dividers between urinals.  These are nice, but not common practice.  I walk into the bathroom where there are two urinals and one was occupied.  The occupant has his arm resting on the divider – that’s fine, not really necessary, but ok when no one else is there.  I walk up, get into place and he leaves his arm there.  So now I have a divider on my left with an arm intruding my personal space and a stall wall on my right so my space is much smaller than normal.  I contemplated aiming a little higher and hitting his arm…”Oops, I lost control; guess you should have stayed on your side!”  Bottomline – when in a public restroom be mindful of your space.  Thanks, mgmt!

Monday night rolled around and since this week is recovery week I wasn’t really sure what I was supposed to be doing.  I checked my schedule and it was Yoga so I decided to go ahead and do it.  I got about half an hour into it, lost 10 pounds of water weight, and had sore hands…again…Yoga on hardwood blows!  I have Yoga on the books for Saturday and I’m going to do the entire 1.5 hours.  After that one half hour I definitely could tell how an hour and a half of it could be a pretty damn good workout so I’m looking forward to getting it done!  After working out I started doing homework while Abbey was watching the Bachelor.  DAMN THAT SHOW!  Needless to say I got ZERO work done while the show was on because it just sucked me right in.  He got rid of 4 girls in one episode, I guess he really wanted to shorten the season.  The show finally finished and I was able to concentrate on my project, I stayed up till after midnight to gather my thoughts and decided to write it on Tuesday night.

Ahhhh, Tuesday.  To be honest with you, I don’t have much to report.  Because of the UK game Abbey and I decided to use Tuesday as our rest day.  So, instead of reporting about my day I’m going to give you an update on my status…

With 23 days down I am weighing in at 234 (a 7 pound difference).  I’m starting to see definition in my arms and my legs are getting harder (they were pretty strong before my P90Xperience).  I’ve made it to uncharted belt hole territory so I guess something in the midsection is shrinking – just not seeing the exact results I thought I would after 23 days.  I’ve gone 23 days without a coke or any kind of soda.  My only dessert has been some raspberry sherbert the past few days and I’ve amazed myself with the willpower I have shown.  I’ve tested my kidneys and stretched my bladder by drinking ungodly amounts of water and quite frankly, I’m feelling pretty good! 

Without further ado…

Man I loved that show!! 



























I  don’t know about you, but I don’t see much change…I just know something is happening.

Until the next post…P90XXX


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One response to “Days 21-23 – Picture Pages…

  • waltm

    I think your showing great progress for the first month, especially in the side photos a lot of people see more profound changes during the second and third month so keep at it.If the bands from Target are anything like the ones I started with (Gold's Gym brand I think) see if there is a Gym Source store in your area and check out the ones they have there. When I was doing Power 90 I had all 3 of the bands together and replace them with one of the better bands (red one), and I think after they gave me a discount at the store it was around $9. If it's like the one here, when you go dress for a workout and play with all the stuff, they encourage it, talk to they guys there as they get a lot of people buying stuff to do the P90X workouts (kettlebells are another popular home workout that brings people in). They usually discount the marked retail prices so ask what they can do for the bands. The have, I think, 6 weights of bands. I eventually moved away from bands and picked up a PowerBlock Sport 9.0 set of adjustable dumbbells.By the way, are you a Beachbody coach? If your not familiar with the program you can learn more about it on my blog at and feel free to email me to discuss it if you think you might be interested. A lot of people look into it during the second month when friends and family start asking why they are looking so different.Keep Pushing Play!

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